Flashcard – Waves

What word describes the movement of a wave down a beach?


What causes waves?

Waves are caused by the transfer of energy from the wind to the sea due to the friction of wind on the water’s surface.

What is a wave?

constructive waves Click to Flip
Constructive Waves Video
A wave is a disturbance on the surface of the sea or ocean, in the form of a moving ridge or swell.

What word describes the movement of a wave up a beach?


What 3 factors affect the size of waves?

Fetch, wind speed and wind duration


What is the fetch of a wave?

The distance a wave has travelled

Which type of wave builds beaches?


Identify the two types of wave.

Destructive and constructive

Describe the swash and backwash of a destructive wave.

Weak swash, strong backwash

Which type of wave has a strong swash and a weak backwash?

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