Now That's What I Call Geography

Now That’s What I Call Geography

Earlier in the week, I started thinking about songs that related to geography that could be used as a hook to help students remember geographical information or analyse lyrics to develop an understanding of place, processes and features. I reached out to the geography community and they came up trumps. A post on Facebook and a tweet on Twitter led to a flurry of suggestions of geography-related songs. What we’ve ended up with is Now that’s What I Call Geography, an eclectic mix of music from Iron Maiden to a track from the Little Mermaid and The Smiths to Aqua.

After several hours copying and pasting, I’ve collated the songs and you can view them below. If you have any suggestions for the playlist please contact us.

If you subscribe to Amazon Music use this link to access the playlist.

Now That’s What I Call Geography – The full list of tracks and links to geography in one spreadsheet.

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Anthony Bennett

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