Practical Geography

Engaging students in practical activities can help with motivation and provide them with the opportunity to apply skills, knowledge and understanding. We’ve collated a range of practical ideas used by teachers to support geographical learning along with a few of our own.

#1 Play-Doh/Plastercine Geography Models

Play-Doh/Plastercine is great for modelling geographical features and processes. Below are some examples:

#2 Animation

Take your Play-Doh/Plastercine models one step further by animating them. There is a range of stop-motion animation apps available. Find out more here.

#3 Pop-up Geography Models

Global atmospheric circulation pop-up model download

Popup Drainage Basin

3D River Valley 

3D Volcano 

Hurricane Model 

Urban Landuse Models

#4 Lego Models

Population pyramids

Population Maps

Urban Models


#5 Cardboard/Papier Mache Models



Mass Movement Models

Contour Models

#6 Sand

Modelling sand dunes:

We can all dream:

#7 Food Modelling

Angel Cake Waterfall

Angel Cake Wave Cut Platform

Population & Economic Factors

Plate Tectonic Oreos

Earthquake Proof Building – Spaghetti & Marshmallows

#8 K’nex

Earthquake-proof building – shake the table and use a seismometer app.

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