Set inspiration for summer, not homework

It’s summer. You need a break. Your students need a break. Don’t set them homework set them inspiration. Inspire them to get outside, be creative, be curious and do things they’ve not done before. Below are some activities you could encourage them to do. 

  1. Visit a place you’ve never been to before
  2. Visit a place you have been to before 
  3. Try Geocaching 
  4. Build a new world in Minecraft 
  5. Colour in an OS map outline (do an image search for OS map colouring) 
  6. Write a book for young children using a book creator app 
  7. Clean up your local area
  8. Build a campfire (with an adult!) 
  9. Make a den 
  10. Pick wild fruit 
  11. Make a mini nature reserve in your garden. Search How to make a Mini Nature Reserve to find out how. 
  12. Create a mini pond in your garden. 
  13. Take some panorama photos of your local area. Share them on social media and tag them #localpano
  14. Get a map of a country you want to visit and mark off all the exciting places you want to visit – create the ultimate road trip.
  15. Go rock pooling 
  16. Wade through a stream and search for minnows or tadpoles.
  17. Set up a car/bike wash in your local area and raise money for charity
  18. Make cookies in the shape of countries. 
  19. Go on a bike ride
  20. Visit a cave 
  21. Build a sand castle 
  22. Make bird feeders by covering pine cones with peanut butter and rolling in birdseed
  23. Have an outdoor movie night 
  24. Create a map to show where all the food in your cupboards came from 
  25. Make a water cycle model – search water cycle model bag
  26. Make a huge volcano out of Papier-mâché
  27. Go on Youtube and search ‘amazing places in the world’
  28. Plant some seeds
  29. Get a Raspberry Pi to do projects on
  30. Do a project or two from
  31. Organise a beach clean 
  32. Do a summer learning activity from
  33. Make a map of your local area using Google My Maps. Add photographs of landmarks/places to visit. 
  34. Watch some videos of volcanoes erupting 
  35. Make a bee hotel 
  36. Read a book outside 
  37. Take your old things to a charity shop 
  38. Camp out
  39. Create a promotional video for your local area 
  40. Visit for more inspirational ideas for summer 
  41. Download an app that records you following a route e.g. Strava. Create a route that draws a picture or says a word. Search ‘GPS art’ for some great examples. Share yours on social media with #GPSart 
  42. Create a website using WordPress about something you have an interest in
  43. Go pond dipping 
  44. Use your mobile phone to explore places you’ve never visited using the Google Expeditions app

Got an idea to share? Please post in the comments below.

Anthony Bennett