Slumping at Hornsea March 2019 – one week on

Last week I posted about a new area of mass movement at Hornsea on the Holderness Coast. I returned this weekend to see how much movement there had been in the spate of a week. It’s fair to say there has been significant movement. The head of the slump had dropped considerably, exposing a 3m scarp. This is a drop of 2 metres in a week. The images below illustrate the changes.

  • 9th March 2019

    Mass movement at Hornsea on March 9th 2019
  • 17th March 2019

    Mass Movement at Hornsea on March 17th 2019

The weather permitted some drone air time. You can see the results below.

You are welcome to use these images in your classroom (a credit would be nice), but please do not re-distribute them.

Below is a video compilation of drone footage taken on Sunday 17th March 2019. It best to watch it full screen!

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