What has coastal deposition got to do with having a wee?

Making learning memorable 

I like to come up with daft ways of helping students remember information. With the move to linear exams, learners need to know more than ever. Making connections with everyday things is one approach to help students remember content.

So, how is coastal deposition like taking a wee outside?

Deposition occurs in shallow water  – taking a wee outside leaves behind shallow water

Deposition happens in sheltered areas – best take shelter if having a wee outside!

Deposition happens when there is little wind – best to take a wee outside if there is little wind!

Groynes lead to deposition – as opposed to deposition from your groin!

A good supply of material leads to deposition – a good supply of material leads to a good feeling!

It’s silly, but it seems to help my students remember why deposition occurs.

If you have any daft ways of helping students remember content please let us know below.

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