Year 6 Parent Evening Ideas

With a year 6 parent’s evening on the horizon I was in need of inspiration for new activities to run.  Having asked the question “What do you do for year 6 open evening in your geography department?” geographers on Twitter shared lots of fantastic ideas. These have been collated below. I hope they prove useful to you!

The Blowfort Scale 
For our year 6 parent’s evening we purchased a few cheap digital anemometers from Amazon we held a competition involving parents and children blowing into them. Using the readings we then calculated how windy they were on the Beaufort Scale. – @internetgeog

Bottled Tornadoes
Water spout between the two which looks like a tornado cos of the Lego man. Cheap. Easy. And massive fun for kids and parents..& me alike! Two 2lt bottles, lose the kids, fill one 3/4 full with water…pop in a Lego man. Tape bottles together at neck & see if they can create a water spout – @tavicollegegeog

Food Around the World
Food around the world was a popular activity for Y6 open evenings – 

As you would expect, mapping activities we also very popular activities. A number of variations were shared. These include:

  1. Labelling connections to locations around the World;
  2. Find your home / where have you travelled from?;
  3. OS map of local area. Get the families to find their favourite place in the area on the map and add a small post it note with their initials – @MissAllsoppGeo

I’ve got a continents and oceans twister old ELC game yr 6 love it as do my helpers – @cazdean2

Finger Twister – Twister but for your fingers! have to answer a geographical question before they can spin the board – @geogcannon

Earth on a cube
‘Earth on a cube’ cubes – @FHSGeographers

Exploding Volcanoes
Exploding volcanoes  goes down a treat – @FHSGeographers

Lego City 
This Year we built an EDC city complete with informal housing out of Lego. It got a great reception – @lucyheighton

Dressing Up
Make an outfit for some extreme climate – @geogcannon

Play doh Volcanoes – @AlisonGeog

Chop stick challenge
We had a Chinese theme and the children had to compete against their parents.  Kids had big buttons and parents skittles. They loved it. Had a 30 second timer could eat what they won then given a fortune cookie as well – @AlisonGeog

Recycle It 
Sorting rubbish into bins – recyclables, compost & landfill. Done using a timer and running between two tables. Top gets a prize sent out – @bronaghmargaret

Fair trade chocolate fountain, what’s in the box and how does it relate to geography. Geography twister and make an environment pledge. – @salheap

If you have any other great ideas for year 6 parent’s evening please share in the comments section below.

Anthony Bennett

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    Gemma O'Donnell says:

    Earthquake proof buildings using straws and play doh. Kids love when the earthquake comes(teachers shaking table )


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