Tweet Treats

Tweet Treats #9

This is the ninth collection of useful tweets relating to #geography and #geographyteachers. The world of Twitter can be a busy place so I’ve pulled together some tweet treats from the last week or so that are worth having a look at. Tweets are in no particular order.

Check out geography-related TV this week with geogglebox by @lenziegeo

These principles of practice walkthroughs by @m_chiles provide fantastic summaries of pedagogical approaches.

There are plenty of ways radial diagrams such as those below can be used in geography.

Take 5 case study fact sheets provide a simple overview of case studies in geography.

A really useful website for comparing the size of countries shared by @SarahGeography

@McAllister_Geog has been busy producing revision and work booklets for GCSE Geography OCR A.

This longshore drift mystery by @geog_brown looks great!

Stripped back structure strips by @Geo_Dougie are a great way to incorporate questioning into the process of developing a structure to geographical questions.

@BeingMissSpeed has shated some fantastic resources ‘Check 20’ revision worksheets.

Nice, straightforward example of a knowledge organiser by @TweetcherT.

Take a look at this great blog post on cognative load theory by @sarahlarsen74.

Live modelling using Powerpoint is easy with this guide by @mrwmhistory.

Some great climate change resources shared by @fiona_616

@MissMurtaghGeog has developed a using images in geography toolkit.

Take a look at this simple, attractive graphic organiser by @_jopayne

@clarry_s3 has created some questions to alongside the new BBC documentary 7 worlds one planet.

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